Things are looking up.

One thing I hate about being a single parent is that sometimes the hardships I suffer in my working life sometimes filter into my personal life.  Occasionally my mood affects my kids.  I have really good kids but when they play up it is usually a direct reflection of how I have been feeling.  I know that if I am stressed out or worried then that is when they seem to play up more.  Lately I have been making a conscious effort to stop life affecting how I react to or deal with my kids.  Just being aware of my moods and stresses – writing them down or voicing those fears so they dont worry me anymore is a good way of stopping how I feel from affecting my kids.

My daughter who is eight needs a lot of attention lately.  I think she has been starved of proper mother-daughter time recently and I need to redress the balance.  I have plans to take her to a shop that concentrates on hobbies and we will explore exactly which avenues she would like to go down. She loves crafting and I think it is about time that we found some mother/daughter activity to bond over.  I think of something sewing based but she is much more arty than me and can turn her hand to anything.  We will just go and browse and see what we can come up with.

My sons are less reliant on my attention because they have each other to talk to and spend a lot of time discussing movies and games.  I still feel sad because I cannot afford any real days out together or even a trip to the movies because all my money needs to go on school uniforms x 3.  I am hoping to manage at least one day together somewhere but I am not sure where.  Any suggestions are welcome. 

The summer holidays stress me out but I have been thankful of the time to reconnect with my kids.  I will be trying to visit my two oldest kids and their kids more often.  My second oldest invited us all up for dinner today and it felt really good that we can find time to be a family together.  I need to make more time for everything.  I have managed to get a lot of me time lately and I am hoping that the calmness I feel in those moments can infiltrate downwards through all my kids. 

Today I am looking forward to all the changes that will be happening over the next few months.  I want to get started back on work in the house and eventually have it looking the way I want it to.  I am looking forward to the changes coming in my family and the possibilities for the future in ever aspect of my life.  Starting tomorrowI will get my daughter baking. She loves having something to do so this is a start.  She loves covering cakes with icing.  We like to admire our handiwork before we dive in and eat it.  We have a chocolate fudge cake, brownies and muffins to make. 

Hungrily looking forward.



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