Break away.

I have a few days off work this weekend.  I am not sure exactly what I want to do with this time.  I have hundreds of household tasks that need doing urgently but life is too short ot get bogged down with work all the time.  I am thinking about getting me and my kids out of here tomorrow.  Where to go I have no clue but a wee dayout of the ordinary would be really really good.  There is only so much I can do when I don’t drive and we are on a very limited budget.

I could also squeeze at least a couple of days of writing into the weekend too, it is about time I got writing seriously.  I have more than enough time at the moment to fill some hours purging myself of the stories swimming around in my head.  I have no excuse for not getting this done.  My kids give me a lot of space when they are asleep or playing computer games so I need to make all this time count. 

My house has been a bit of a dungeon lately.  Due to the weather and me feeling like hibernating the walls have been closing in on me and my kids.  Summer holidays have not been much fun so far.  The decorating has come to a standstill so I need to step up on that side of things because I cant spend another couple of months sitting in this debris.  I need an alarm clock that kicks my arse every morning at six o’clock because I really need to get this house sorted.

I have been making lists of new music I need.  Music helps me to cope with so many things that I can’t envisage life without listening to music really loud at some point.  Today I have recieved two albums in the post and am awaiting four more very soon.  I don’t have bad habits like smoking and rarely drink and going out has been virtually non-existant so music is my one vice.  It is a vice that all of my kids have inherited.  I am proud that I have enriched my kids lives in this way. 

Someone told me this week that no-one can take away the fact that I have done a sterling job of raising my kids on my own.  She said my kids are all a credit to me.  I actually got a little emotional.  There are days when I think all I have accomplished with my life is my kids but actually this is a great accomplishment.  I have raised two grown women who are independant and can think for themselves and do a fantastic job of looking after their own kids.  I also have three younger kids who are beautiful, caring and wondefully gifted.  I can’t wait to see the terrific adults I am sure they will become too. 

I am taking a day to congratulate myself on my achievements as a mum although my talents do not stop there.  I thank my friend who said this to me because sometimes it is hard to recognise when you are doing a good job without a significant other to tell you you are.



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