Rainy days

I am feeling pretty perky today because I have got everything in perspective now.  I know where I stand , what I am doing and thats good enough for me.  I am not going to let everyone elses negativity pull me down.  My kids are coming for dinner, we are all going to have a nice family time.  It is one of my favourite things to do.  We have two dvds to watch and will all be cosying up on the couch, talking and laughing. 

I also feel better because my writing has resumed.  I keep forgetting that it is my way of releasing stress, it calms down my frantic mind and lets me indulge my creative side.  Life is always better when I have time for writing.  My situation is hardly ideal at the moment but it is a fertile ground for stories, inspiration and all round catalyst for writing. I am being spurred on with starting to enjoy reading again.  I am just beginning to get back into hardcore reading after a hiatus.  I got bogged down in some vampire and werewolf books but have started to enjoy proper books, with well thought out plots and stories with twists and turns.  I need a book to sustain my thoughts and feelings and the dearth of books surrounding paranormal storylines are beginning to get diluted and are just getting silly. 

I have turned my back on television now too.  I used to spend hours in front of the tv but I am getting back to the days when we all used to talk to each other and have discussions instead of letting the tv suck the life out of us. Apart from the odd movie we are starting to find other things to do.  My son is getting out more, my daughter is reading and listening to music and my little boy is just daft as usual.  Me – I get to spend more time talking to my kids, sorting out housework that needs done.  I have been reading, listening to music and most importantly writing.  I think my reliance on music to lift my mood, help me get through heartache and pain, make me want to dance and just for purely chilling out has meant that I am mentally capable of dealing with anything life throws at me.  

I am away to have my family day, spend time with those I love and get on living my life.




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