Calm before the storm.

It is sunday and it is supposed to be a day of rest so today I think that is exactly what I am going to have.  I had a very long lie.  My kids got up late due to it being the school holidays so this morning was bliss.  I lay in the heat and comport of my own bed and let the stress of yesterday wash away.  As I am such an insular person I tend to live in my own wee bubble with my kids and our dog.  I go out to walk with my friend but we rarely see folk on our travels. 

I talk to people at my work – colleagues and customers.  I walk my kids to school and pick them up and at these times I usually have my headphones in with music blaring because I am not very good at doing the small talk with other parents.  I don’t really want to talk to them either.  I spend a huge amount of time with the thoughts in my own head.  I am oblivious to most things as I go about my daily chores. 

At the moment I am very happy that this is the case.  The talk going on around me very rarely reaches my own ears.  I am still in my bubble and still very happy.  My kids are the most important people in my life and as long as they are all okay I will be fine.  If people who were once my friends now stop being then it meant they were never really the friends they made themselves out to be. 

I feel like I am being handed a wealth of material for my writing.  I am compiling images, scenarios, situations and quotes for use at further dates.  I love to watch people, examine their movements, temperaments and behaviours and try to use that to spur on my writing.  So when all these things happen in my life I am like a sponge and soak up whatever happens. 

Here to some excellent writing material.



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