Friends indeed

I have not been overrun by a wealth of friendships over the years.  I don’t know if that is because I am hard to get to know or for some other reason but the friends I have have always been there for me.  I grew  up in a huge family and I think family allegiances and politics sometimes got in the way of making friends.  I was always quite shy as a youngster and found it difficult to make that first connection.  The friends I have now are mostly colleagues from work that have grown to be so much more and one friend who I have had for about twenty five years. 

I have also grew quite close to some of the friends of my sisters.  One sister in particular is my best friend, who I tell everything to.  I have come to rely on her in times of need.  Without fail she is one person I know I can trust with everything.  The different routes our lives can take sometimes mean that a lot of time passes without talking to each other but generally I know if I need her she is there for me and I hope she knows the feeling is mutual.  

I have been feeling the benefit of these friendships lately.  Just when I think the bottom of my world is about to fall through one of these good friends of mine pops up exactly when I need them.  I am really lucky in having cultivated these relationships and I feel a little less alone in the world because of them. 



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