Emergency shop

Why do kids have to grow so quickly? I had to make a mercy dash for some clothes shopping as my thirteen year old decided to outgrow most of his clothes overnight.  This in the same month that I have to replace all his school clothes.  I had a lovely day walking round shops with him but by the time I got home and was ready to go to work I could really have done with a long nap.  My hay fever reached crisis point this morning too and I had to part with a small fortune for eye drop and sunglasses.  I walked out of the shop with my sunglasses on and watched the sun disappear behind some clouds.  Turns out there is a whole weeks worth of rain waiting to fall.

I had to replace my docking system for my ipod because I have worn out the first one.  I have actually spent the last week without music blaring in my ears at every available opportunity.  I have been feeling lost without it.  I will remedy that situation tonight so my ipod will be fully charged and ready for the new day.  I will be back in dancing mode tomorrow.  It is like losing half of my soul to spend a day without music.

I am slowly spending more time on myself.  I have decided that tomorrow is the first day of my new eat healthy and exercise regime.  I am in dire need of feeling healthier, getting a little more spring in my step and just improving my general health levels.  Apart from running after my numerous children and grandchildren I have been partaking in very little physical activity and it is getting increasingly difficult to get out of the house for long dog walks.  My kids all finish up school on friday so my free time will then be nonexistant.  I need to devise a plan that includes my kids so I can get my exercise whilst looking after them at the same time. 

As my house has been under construction for the last few months I have no dedicated space for writing or breathing.  I have a once in a lifetime opportunity for chasing my dream, following my creative urges and actually getting some self worth out of my life and I am still sitting in this hovel trying desperately to sort my house out.  Trying to decorate a house filled with children when I am attempting to hold down a job and start a relationship.  I think something may have to give but am not really ready to give anything up yet. 

I am having a film night as I am tired from running about all day.  I am comfort eating my kids sweets like my life depended on it.  Please someone get those packets of sweets away from me. 




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