Night off

I have been busy all week trying to get my house in order.  There is so much work to do but I only have one pair of hands.  My son has been giving me a lot of help but it is still a heavy slog.  I laid two carpets this week which went okay; and for a first time carpet fitter I think I did okay.  The skills you learn as a single mother are never ending.  I have some catching up with people to do.  I feel like I have been stuck in my own house for weeks.

Saturday morning will be spent shopping for clothes for my eight year old daughter. Sunday I have a date with Macbeth in the Tramway Theatre in Glasgow.  I love a little bit of culture for my sunday afternoon.  Oh how I have missed it so.  My brain is desperate for some stimulation.  It is crying out for a little attention.  I think I have been a little crabby lately because my brain is missing some input.  I hope sunday will go a little way to rebalancing out my brain.

As I have been so busy lately I seem to have been putting my own needs to the back of the queue again.  It does not take very long for me to forget that I am a person with feelings and needs.  I have not been writing at all either.  This seems to be the first thing to fall by the wayside and I really need to priortise better. Writing is the thing that keeps me sane, it helps me to sort out problems, it helps me to clear out the clutter in my head and it is a great source of creative energy for me.  I need to pencil in some writing time every day.  It is urgent that I keep the momentum going. 

Tonight is a night off but tomorrow I will spend time with my kids, I will set aside time to write something – anything.  I will not make any plans beyond that. One day at a time.



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