Trouble a brewing

I have been taking a couple of days to myself but really miss the blog when I have not been here for a few days.  I have had a problem managing to do more than one thing at a time.  I have been playing catch-up on a lot of tasks for a little while and can’t seem to find my feet.  I have to try and slow down things and take a look at the big picture again.  My timetable of work, the kids and everything else is quite erratic and I need to get some sort of routine into  my life because this is not working for me.  

The work in the house has stumbled for a few days, no stripping has been done for a couple of days and the decorating has not even started yet.  Things are still sitting more or less in the same position as they have been since before the gas central heating was replaced.  I have got to get a grip on things and start work as soon as possible. The house sitting the way it does gets me down.  I hate looking at all the bare walls and can’t wait till the woodwork is painted.  I have a busy week at work with a few extra shifts to be done.  The jubilee is not a holiday for us so will be in at work when the rest of the country is off celebrating.  I am not a fan of the monarchy but the holiday from work would have been very good.  

Hay fever season is clearly upon us and I have been struggling to cope with the runny noses, the streaming eyes and the all over miserableness that descends when the summer sniffles begin.  At least it has been getting milder and milder as I get older and older.  I find that hay fever remedies barely even touch the edges of it.  

I am away to try and get my two youngest kids to bed because I really want some time to myself.  I think I may even crack open a bottle of some pear cider to help me relax.  It is a beautiful night and I have worked hard today so a nice cool cider might just hit the spot.



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