Well the kids were late for school again.  We were all up and ready early enough, we left the house with plenty of time to get to work.  Once out the door however my eight year old daughter behaved very well but my five year old son just went haywire.  He insisted on walking in baby steps, complained about being cold then when I put his jacket on him he had a tantrum about the sleeves being too long.  I turned the sleeves back and he just turned them back down again.  Major tantrum ensued with me physically having to drag him half the way to school then carrying him the rest of the way.  By the time we got there he said he was going to be angry all day.  I left him there feeling like either screaming at the top of my voice or crying like a baby.

I made the choice to be neither of these things – I just held my composure and went to meet my bestie.  We went back to her house to drop off her dogs then went for some breakfast at the local cafe.  Then we came to mine and got stuck into stripping the wallpaper off the walls in my living room.  This work is going really slow but at least it is still in progress.  We had a great laugh whilst getting the job done. I was getting stuck into the wallpaper scraping but the walls were crumbling in a few places and it was getting me really angry so I took out the frustration I was feeling about the hassle getting the kids to school on the walls.

Whilst waiting at the school for my kids to come out one of the other parents told me that my son’s bus had crashed on the way home from school so I was pretty worried that my thirteen year old was okay.  I managed to get him on the phone and apart from s few hyper kids in the background he told me he was okay.  So my two youngest and I went to the river side and threw stones and had a wee blether.

I got home with them and started stripping walls again.  It has been a really long day and I still have lots of work to do but will just have to leave it till tomorrow.  I am off work until half past four so I have time to clear up tomorrow.  I am going to get into my bed, read a little, listen to some music and drift off into a relaxing sleep all at a sort of reasonable time – a good couple of hours earlier than I usually go to bed.  I am starting to get a taste for this sleeping lark.  

Looking forward to seeing what Thursday brings me.


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