Late Night Blogging

I get up every morning with the intention of starting my day properly, getting things done and then trying to get to bed at a decent time.  As with every time I try to plan things – they never sun smoothly:

1) The day always starts with waking up with my alarm and music.  I sleep with music on because it is just who I am – music makes the really shitty days bearable.

2) I try to wake the kids up without making the two youngest go into a huff.  One wakes up really angry and the other one is just a nightmare to wake up altogether.  

3) I always make plans to eat breakfast but this never happens until much later.

4) The daily dance to get the kids ready for school and out the door is an ongoing challenge – either they get ready fine but forget something crucial at the last minute or they just don’t want to get dressed at all.

5) The dash to school consists of crying, huffs, tantrums and either a quick dash into the shop for a sweetie or a challenging drag past the shop because they are not behaving.

6) A huge sigh of relief once the kids are safely deposited at school.

7) A walk with my bestie and our dogs or a quick walk then some food and chat at my besties house.  Either helps to combat the stress of getting the kids to school.

8) Wee walk to work – nice if it is sunny – miserable if it is raining but always with loud music blaring into my head from the ipod.

9) Seeing all the usual suspects at work and having a good time chatting to the regulars and the new customers.

10) The stress of thinking of something for dinner that all three kids left at home would happily eat.  

11) A few wee happy texts sent and received when on lunch break at work.  

12) The joyous ten minute walk from work to the house when I am blissfully unaware of the drama kids are creating on my behalf.  I really love to walk into chaos and disruption every day of my life.  The ten minute preparation time on the walk home from work is the sanctuary that keeps me sane.

13) Homework palaver – never runs smoothly – occasionally gets done without too much fuss – usually tantrums though.

14) Once two little kids are in bed it is good to spend a little time with my thirteen year old talking about tv and movies usually.  

15) I usually end up sleeping uncomfortably on the couch instead of dragging myself up to bed – I always wake up with a sore neck, aching limbs and angry at myself for doing it again.  

16) The late night blog and tidy up.


I really want to get into some sort of routine where I don’t feel like I am playing catch up with myself.  I would like to get back to that place where me and the kids were like a finely tuned team and we got ready and got things done then had loads of fun time.  This has been lacking for a little while because I was bogged down in work drama and also essay work for university was taking up far too much time.  I want to enjoy every aspect of my day.  I want to have amazing conversations with my two youngest children on the way to school. I want to  miss their wee smiley faces when they are at school and not see it as a relief that someone else has to deal with them for a little while.

I want to have some sense of fulfillment with my day.  I want to feel like I have achieved something worthwhile that I can be proud of.  Is that too much to ask?


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