Get with the programme

Today was a day with several parts. 

1) Kids woke up in a good mood but this descended into chaos just as we were about to walk out the door – as a result kids were late for school and I had a huge sigh of relief once I walked back out the school door.

2) Felt bad when I bumped into my bestie and I was down in the dumps but five minutes into our walk with all three pooches I was feeling much better.

3) Had a couple of hours during the day when I had nothing productive to do.  I felt bad for not actually making any inroads with the work I need to do in the house but I felt better for having spent a couple of hours doing nothing.

4) Walk to work was good and the day was busy but it reminded me how much more of a challenge I need at work. I am suffocating in there.

5) Had a a good evening with my kids and my oldest son took his little brother and sister to the park for a little while.  It is nice to see a little harmony in the house for a little while.  It was fantastic to see my two youngest not trying to kill each other for once. 

6) I had a few conversations with a guy I really like on the phone today.  It would be good to go on a date for once without any complications or problems.  Feeling positive about what could be a good relationship but feel bad about things being difficult and babysitters being thin on the ground.

7) My brain started off the day quite active and bursting with ideas but the day ended with me feeling like my head had actually burst.

Tomorrow is a day off work but a day focusing on walking my dog, stripping more walls and spending serious quality time with my kids, getting them back into a routine and starting the day as I mean to go on.  I am feeling positive about getting them to school on time tomorrow.  Here is hoping for a peaceful morning.


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