New Start

I have been absent from my blog for over a week.  I had to spend some actual time in the real world for a little while.  I got new gas central heating put in.  The preparation needed for such a job was huge.  I needed to empty every cupboard, move loads of things completely out of the way and even threw out a few things.  I suppose it is all good in the long run because I have got rid of a lot of useless things that have just been hanging around unused.  

I have spent the week clearing out rubbish and doing a lot of soul searching.  I have been mentally clearing things out as I went along.  I still have lots to sort through and need to harness the ruthless gene that I know I have.  As all this has been going on I have been doing essay work for university.  It actually went right to the wire.  I was typing up until ten minutes before the essay was due.  I had done all-nighters to get it done, I had developed a squint and could not even see straight at one point because I had been in front of the computer for so long.  At last it is finished and done with.  I have some time to take stock of which direction I go in now but I need to maybe not do any courses for a while.  My brain hurts with all the mental action i have taken over the last twenty years.  I think I deserve a little time off – at least for the time being.  

This week I still have some wall stripping to do, some paint to buy, some clearing out clutter and starting from scratch.  I do not mind living in a building site for a while until I get this house looking like a home.  I feel that I have been spending some quality time with myself for a while.  This is an alien concept to me but one I could get used to having.  Tomorrow morning is going to begin with getting the kids to school on time but then going for breakfast with my best friend before starting work at ten.

I need to look forward this week and I need to keep focusing in that direction.  I am finally working towards the future.  I have plans to out into practice and places I need to go.  Here’s hoping that things go to plan for me for once.  I will be back on the blog with a vengeance – I actually have a lot of time for writing what I want to write now as opposed to things I have to do for my course.  

I can’t wait to see where the future takes me.  




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