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I have had a good run of days – been happy with all the work in the house, work in general was good and life seemed to be chugging along quite nicely.  Today though – I feel like I have been trampled by a herd of cattle.  I feel bruised, tired, emotional and flat.  At the moment I am looking at all the work I still have to do for tomorrow and debating whether to get stuck in or to just cry.  I think the balance is teetering in favour of the crying.  Maybe a good cry is all I need to feel right as rain.

I have been relentless in my attempt to get my house in order and the job is much bigger than I had expected.  Right now given half a chance I would sleep non-stop for a whole week.  I am so so so so tired.  As things stand right now I will not be able to have a proper nights sleep until some time at the end of next week.  People have been telling me how tired I am looking so maybe I should try and fit in a few hours kip as soon as possible.  I am worried that I might not want to get back out of my bed if I do get in there.  I think my tiredness has started to show with the weans too because they are playing up because I do not have the energy to keep control of things.

Tomorrow I am hoping that I can get some part of the day to myself.  I am desperate for a chance to sleep or just rest.  I have lots of work to do but if I can snatch some sort of rest tomorrow then I will feel a little better.  A cat nap is that is all I can get will suffice.  

I left this post alone for an hour to have a conversation on the phone with my niece.  This has made me feel better for a few reasons:

1) I told her my deepest darkest secrets.

2) I laughed along with her laughing and it made me feel better.

3) She inspired me to get busy with another writing project.

4) She is just a joy to talk with.

5) She reminds me of my youth.

6) She makes me feel like my life is interesting.

7) She loves dancing almost as much as I do. 

I like the quick turnaround in my mood.  I am still very tired but may just give in and go to my bed now.  It is an investment in me.  I will have more energy tomorrow if I can attain a certain level of sleep.  I may have to put some things off till tomorrow as a necessity.  



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