To strip or not to strip

I have one day till the workmen come to replace my gas central heating and the question is do I have enough time to strip another whole room of wallpaper before they get here.  I don’t know – I still have a lot of things to pack out of the road.  It seems like life is just a long hard fight this week.  I have not had ten minutes peace for the last two weeks.  Things have been slowly getting more and more hectic.  I have to keep stopping the work in my house to go and do shifts at my real job then try and fit in some essay work as I go along.

I have to keep telling myself that it will be worth all the effort when I see the end result.  I still have a million things to do before it even starts getting put back into place.  I am also trying frantically to sort out some work for my essay that is due next week but I need to give my tutor a synopsis of it like yesterday.  Everything is running late, behind schedule and it is getting on my nerves.  Starting to have a little mini panic about it all.  As usual I know I will get it done but at the moment the finishing point seems so far away.

I have to really thank my thirteen year old son because he is the best help around the house – from hanging out washing, helping me pack things away or diving to the shop he always helps me out.  I cannot thank him enough.  My best friend who is the catalyst for me starting all this house decorating also deserves a mention because she is helping me strip the walls, helping me paint and paper the whole house.   I need to think up a suitable thank you for them both.

Here is to a new lease of life from my new decorated home (when it is finished)


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