In Preparation

I have had a busy, interesting day at work and have just come home to have ten minutes peace before I start packing away my belongings in readiness for getting new central heating on Friday.  This has been a long time coming.  I feel for the first time in ages that I am getting things sorted, that parts of my life are slowly falling into place.  The stripping away of layers of wallpaper has given me time to reflect on notonly my house but my life as well.  I feel like I am entering a new era in my life.  I have much more independence now that all of my kids are in school.  For those hours every day – even when at work I am thankful for a little me space – time to think and have peace.  

People keep telling me that I seem so calm all the time.  I think it is because I have five kids and have brought them up on my own; If I can cope with that then I can cope with pretty much everything.  I am two weeks away from being ready to start a new chapter in my life.  Once I get my final essay sent away all of my time will be my own.  Well almost all of my time.  I have been filling my time with courses, kids, work and other duties – now though I am taking some time to reflect and decide on where I am going in life.  I will be assessing my overall fitness and tackling the things I need to do to feel fitter and healthier.  I will spend much more tiime walking with my dog because that makes me truly relaxed and happy.

Tonight though, my kids and I will be packing away out trinkets and belongings to make way for all the workmen that are going to be traipsing through our house.  This is also being used as a time to clear out furniture, clothes and other things that are no longer in use.  I will try to stick to the rule if it has not been used, watched or worn in six months then it has to go.  I am being ruthless because I have to be.  There is no room for sentimentality as these things have been cluttering up my life for far too long.

So at the moment it is the calm before the storm, we are going to have a nice dinner then crack into all the work we have planned.  I am looking forward to it but also dreading it as it is a huge undertaking and we only have a couple of days to get it all sorted.  My lovely friend and I are hoping to start stripping more walls on Wednesday and Thursday so we have a clean slate for after the workmen have been.  I am feeling positive about how my house is going to look after it is finished but even more optimistic about the direction my life is taking.  It just seems really daunting today because I have so much work needing done before I can achieve those goals.  Added to this is the stress of having an essay to write to finish up my final university course.   

I will get it done.  




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