Free Thinking

Today has been the first day of clear thought I have had for a while.  I have not seen, or spoken to any of the men in my life (apart from my sons) for a full 24 hours.  The feeling of contentment and calm that I have is unbelievably good.  I know my life seems to drag a lot of drama around everywhere but today is the first time I have noticed it is directly linked to my male friends and other guys that I know.  I think this needs more examination because I pride myself on being a strong woman and I hat to think that I am manipulated by others.  I hope that it is just my ability to pick unsuitable, unavailable guys as romantic partners and they bring their own drama with them that has been causing me so much heartache.

I think I need to raise my standards.  I need to have a list of no nos when it comes to picking guys.  For example:

1) If a guy gets emotional and cries on your first date then it is a sure sign that he is mentally unhinged. (it is okay for guys to cry but if he does it the first time you meet then he is not in charge of all his faculties).

2) If a guy asks you for money on a first date then walk away as quickly as you possibly can.

3) If a guy still lives with his mother once he is over the age of thirty then walk away as quickly as you can.

4) If a guy tells you he has kids but does not see them because he does not want to pay for them – then walk away very quickly.

5) If a guy meets you with the smell of drink on his breath then that is a huge mistake – do not let it go any further than this point.

6) If a guy talks about an ex-girlfriend with every breath then this is not a good guy to invest your time in.

These are just a few of the signs to look out for.  These rules are suitable for any woman but especially for single parents who seem to get more than their fair share of lunatics.

Today I will be trying to heed my own advice.  I will be getting my heart and my head in order as well as my house.  I know that if I don’t like myself enough then how can I expect anyone else to like me in the way I want.     Here is to having standards, rules and lines not to cross.



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