Last night I we…

Last night I went out with friends from work and met up with other friends as the night went on.  I had too much to drink but had a great chat, a fantastic dance and got rid of a lot of stress.  I had had a bit of a rough week and this night out was to try and re-balance my week.  Today has been spent trying to recover from the hangover that reminded me of how much I actually drank last night.  I hate getting that drunk and was a wee bit disappointed in myself that I had taken things that far.  

I spent a large part of my day catching up on some TV that I had recorded.  I made a huge pot of home-made lentil soup and some major comfort food was needed so dinner came in the shape of a pot roast.  The food went a long way in healing the nausea.  After a good feed and some rest I felt much better.  The television I caught up on was just trashy programmes that had no real value other than the aesthetic.  It was a good way to unwind and I should have days like that all the time.

I have taken this day to rest and tomorrow I have a day off from work so I will be dropping the kids off at school and going for a little jaunt into Stirling.  I am meeting a friend and hopefully going for a walk.  I don’t usually get this much me time but I am really looking forward to it.  A whole day to myself – I better not get used to this anomaly.  After my day I will be getting kids to do homework, getting them off to bed then sorting out work for my final essay for my degree in Literature.  I also have some serious decision making to do with regards to my career prospects.  

My week is shaping up to be pretty busy.  I will try to fit as much as possible into my day off as I won’t be getting another one anytime soon.  


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