Big Turnaround

I have had a week of ups and downs – mostly downs.  Things started picking up in the last two days though.  Today was a very busy day – getting kids to school, going to Grangemouth to see my daughter and granddaughter.  We had a great day.  I got fashion advice from my daughter and god knows I needed it.  We had lunch, a chat and loads of hugs from the lovely Urban.  

We picked the kids up from school and then all came back to my house for dinner.  It was really good spending so much time with my first born and I was amazed at what a beautiful, intelligent young woman she has turned into.  She is a shining example of everything good I have done in this life.  All my kids make me proud and happy but my daughter lives further away and it was really good to spend some quality time with her.  

I managed to lose a little weight recently and this has meant that I now have went down a size in clothes.  I was really surprised and my daughter helped me to buy some new clothes.  Some of these clothes are a huge departure from my usual attire.  I bought a couple of skirts. I don’t think I have worn a skirt regularly since I was about eighteen years old.  I am looking forward to embracing this new side of me.  The weight loss was achieved with no diet, no strict diet regime but just loads of walks with the dog, walks with my friend, walking to school and work.  Before I changed jobs I got the bus to and from work but now I am back in my home town I walk everywhere. I try to keep to foot power because the walk gives me space in between chores and errands and dropping off kids at school.  Walking has become my sanity when I am stressed out.

I am looking forward to my night out tomorrow. It is going to be a relaxed night with good friends that hopefully ends up in lots of dancing.  I love a night out that includes dancing because it is one thing in my life apart from my kids that makes me truly happy.  Kids, writing, music, dancing and walking.  That is the top five things in my life just now.  I feel like I have gotten everything into perspective since the beginning of the week.  My outlook is better, my sense of hope is stronger,  I look forward to the future and all the possibilities it may bring.  



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