Bubble weekend.

I am still working on fitting more things into my time off.  This weekend has went a long way in restoring my faith in life, guys and even things on the work-front are getting interesting again.  I have not been inspired at work for what seems like a very long time.  The event they held was a bit more interesting than most as it was based around graphic novels especially 2000ad which is my favourite and the inspiration for all of my tattoos.  The writer David Bishop was really interesting and his slide show on 2000ad front covers was brilliant.  This was the best author event I have taken part in.  

I caught up with an old friend a few days ago so the rest of my weekend was spent in a wonderful bubble filled with chat about music, movies and life in general.  A little mini love affair to add balance to my life.  It was a nice change from all the usual guff I attract.  I got my quota of skin contact and feel really good about my day now.  

My outlook on life is changing on a daily basis.  I feel like I continually analyse my life and what happens in it but I am trying to be more chilled today.  Perspective is a great thing – I just need to keep things in perspective and stay on an even keel.  A weekend like this one though just serves to recharge the batteries, remind me that I can do anything and inspire me on the way forward.  

I’m going to go out for the afternoon with my kids and spend a little more chill time with my friend whose plans fell through last night so much cheering up is needed.  



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