I have missed blogging yesterday because I was in essay mode finishing my penultimate essay before I get my degree in Literature.  Now one humongous essay to go and than it is all over.  I can commit myself to writing everyday after that.  In the days since I was last here I have had a couple of illuminating days.  This was for various reasons.  

1.  I had many dog walks with Zeke and my friend and our chats helped me to get everything that has been bothering me into perspective.  

2.  The kids have been on time to school everyday this week which is a huge achievement but this has not been without its problems. 

3.  I had a brilliant chat with my best friend at work who helped me make some decisions about my life.  Thanks lady – just thought you needed a special mention here.  

4.  I have been getting some unusual attention this week that has made me question what I am doing in my life that makes certain people gravitate towards me.  

5.  I have been plagued by a little health problem that has shown me that I have changes that need to be made.  I am putting a plan into progress to deal with this and hopefully I will be right as rain soon. 

6.  I am devising a plan for some quality me-time.

7. I am still letting work related things get to me and I need to cut it out NOW.

Today is good for so many reasons.  

a) I have finished my essay and have earned a night off.

b) I am working at a graphic novel event tomorrow and I can’t wait. Taking my boy Somhairle with me so it will be doubly good.

c) I am looking forward to a nature walk with my wee kids after I pick them up from school.  This is one of my favourite pastimes.

d) I have caught up with some interesting folk this week so I am quite positive about the coming weeks.

e) I have a great set of friends and have had a great week chatting to them so getting to do it all next week is just a huge bonus.

f) I have got back into my dog walking routine and I am reaping the benefits of it.  The fact that i do it with my best friend just means it is getting better and better.

g) I have not felt this positive in a long while.  My degree is almost finished and i am so ready to put it behind me and get writing.  

h) I am getting ideas for stories and my book from every direction these days.  Every person I meet is a potential story-line or the basis for a character.  People watching is my new hobby.

Me-time starts now – a wee bite to eat then a quick catch up on some essential telly I have missed.  Then walking with my kids after school.  Then a lazy night recuperating from my marathon slog on my essay.  

Good times.




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