Fresh Start

Kids have been back at school and on-time for three days.  Dog walking with my friend has resumed and I have felt better.  My dog truly is a life-saver.  Blogging is helping with my personal therapy.  I stress a lot less because I can write everything down.  There are loads of new beginnings happening in my life right at the moment.  I am looking forward to feeling healthier mentally and getting physically fitter.  I have a long slog to get exactly where I want to be in life but just that I am taking huge strides forward makes me feel really good about being me today.

I am writing a little everyday.  I am spending loads of time with all my kids.  I am reading as much as possible.  I am walking with the dog as if my life depended on it (I think it may actually depend on it) and I have reasons to smile on a daily basis.  I have great friends, get out a bit more than I did previously and I have loads more plans in the pipeline.

I must comment on the absurdity of my life though.  I am like a walking soap opera.   I never meet any nice guys but the lunatics seem to be drawn to me in triplicate.  I think sometimes the attention can seem flattering but it then becomes an obsessive thing and it is hard to get rid of guys like that.  Maybe I give off some kind of scent that makes guys think I will happily take any offers just because I am single.  Maybe it is just because they think every single mum is fair game.  It does not really matter anyway because I am tired of it.  Better off not bothering.

I had my daughter and her friend over for dinner.  I feel a little like an advice line but the company was good.  I like that my daughter and her friends think I am a fountain of all knowledge.   I have also just spent half an hour pleating my youngest daughters hair.  It is very beautiful but very very long.  It is therapeutic doing it apart from the fact that my fingers get cramp before I am finished.  I hope she has a great swimming lesson tomorrow at school.

What is left of tonight will be spent preparing for the day of essay writing tomorrow before I have to go to work.  Just a little bit rushed.



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