I can see clearly now the rain has gone.

I had a little reread of all my posts on this blog and realised that there is a pattern emerging between posts where I hate my job, getting stressed about my ex partner or the fathers of my kids.  I have come to a conclusion today that I need to be in a better place mentally in order to get on with my life.  As a result of this I will try to do a few things:

1. Remind myself that my job is just a job.

2. The people who stress me out at work are very inconsequential in the big scheme of things.

3. My kids dads are not really important.

4. Deadbeat dad number 3 – has to come see his kids but other than that his life has no bearing on mine.

5. Deadbeat dad number 1 has been excommunicated.  I have no desire or need to ever speak to this man again. So it is written so it shall be done. 

6. Stress factors need to be eradicated as soon as possible.

7. Degree is almost finished so that stress will be over soon.

8. Dog walking is the perfect antidote to stress for me.

9. I need to start living for me and not everyone else.

10.  My kids hold one of the keys to my happiness – make the best of all my time with the little darlings. 

11. I have great friends so I should make the best of them whenever possible.

12. I need to do something for me every day.

13. Blogging has become as much a part of my day as breathing. 

I feel like I have been walking through a bog for some time now.  It is amazing what a little fresh air and sunshine does for the soul.  I actually feel like I can conquer the world today if I had to.  Lets hope I keep up the momentum.  Now I have a few jobs to tackle today.

1. Make real headway with my essay.  Its the penultimate one for my course so just get it down and the countdown to the end is in sight.

2. Go to work with a refreshed attitude about it not being forever and I have full time writing to get done.

3. Be realistic. Everything I need to do today is a stepping stone to something better.

4. Get my house in order.  Both my actual house, but also me – mentally, physically better able to deal with lifes ups and downs.

5. Spend time just being me – look after and nurture myself because I can’t expect anyone else to do it for me. 

Well I am a woman with a plan.  I am off to start that essay.




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