Day off

I had a relaxing morning, had a long lie then lay about reading a book and texting.  Nipped out to spend time in a little selfish bubble for half an hour which restored a little bit of excitement into my life then went to pick up my lovely weans from my best friends house.  We chatted for a few hours and she made me dinner.  We laughed like we had no problems and planned for a night out tomorrow. 

My weekend is sorted as long as I can get deadbeat dad down to babsit. Hopefully he will keep his mouth shut till I get out the door and then leave as soon as I walk back in.  My kids are really touchy tonight.  I think they are just tired of the excitement at my friends last night and need to go to their beds really soon.  I have the mother of all sore heads developing.  I feel quite fragile at the moment, I hope I feel much better by tomorrow but will be going out regardless.  I also have another night out to look forward to in two weeks time.  Yeehah. I have not had this much night out possibilities in ages. 

I am having a few days where I don’t want to be on facebook.  My brain is tired from certain people.  I should really remove them as my friends because all they do is bring me down.  An ex who can’t let go – the story of my life but it has finally taken its toll on me.  Today my brain is run down, exhausted and ready to pack in the fight.  I have a busy day planned for tomorrow but feel like I may not have the strength to lift my head once I lie down.  I am going to visit my eldest baby and her wee girl.  My granddaughter wants to show me her fishes eyeballs. 

It will be good to take the kids out of the house for a day.  School starts up again on Monday so hopefully I can get back into a writing regime properly.  I have been missing the peace and the stricter routine.  My kids are bored of the holidays.  Bored of being stuck at home with me.  The hours I need to work are pretty random so it is hard to work activities round them.  It would be good to actually have the time and money to do something a little more extravagant with them as I would love to treat them but we really only have our imagination so going walks and discussing nature, making up stories about rocks and trolls and monsters is our holiday of choice from the real world. 

I think imagination and inspiration are the best things I could give to my kids.  They are resourceful, respectful and just really fun to be around.  If I can hug them and tell them daily that they are wonderful, beautiful, intelligent creatures then I will be doing my job as a parent.  Its not about the things you have or how nice your house is but about the amount of love you have in your life.  I am really blessed to be surrounded by my fantastic children. I hope they know how much better they make my life.  



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