I have just had a great Easter Sunday – had dinner with all my kids and grandkids and also had a couple of family friends over too.  They are all away home now and I feel refreshed, lucky and honoured to have such lovely family and good friends.  I made a pot roast and got a wee hand from Blaise the great potato masher.  The kids all had fun decorating Pete like he was a patchwork quilt and the bubble fight kept them entertained. 

I am now left pondering what to do with the remains of my night.  The options are:

a) watch tv.

b) watch a movie.

c) sit looking at the computer screen on facebook waiting to see if anyone fancies chatting to me.

d) tidy the house.

e) sit waiting to see if anyone texts me.

f) start writing the story I should have begun on friday.

g) listen to the recorded conversations from Friday and take out anything suitable for my story.

h) start the family history properly.  Set everything out and see where I need to go from here. 

i) have an early night and try to catch up with the sleep that has been evading me for a while.

j) finish reading my book on Maureen O’Hara. 

k) read the book of poetry and the play I need to use for my essay due in about ten days time. 

l) daydream the night away as I seem to be doing on a regular basis. 


I think I have decided to have the day off and start the reading, writing and everything else tomorrow.  I know I am not in the mood for some serious work tonight.  Day off from the depths of hell tomorrow and tuesday so will get round to it all then.  I am going to my friends house tomorrow for tea too.  I think it is time that we made some proper plans for getting out, enjoying a bit of culture and just generally relaxing.  We both are having a hard time just now so some distraction would be good. 

I am a little tired of studying at the moment.  I keep putting off the work because I have just had enough. Even though I am two essays away from getting my degree it is painful to get the books out now.  Just as I am getting used to the idea of no career where I am now it looks like I may need to start another course in an effort to train as something else.  What – I have no clue – but people seem to have loads of ideas about what I would be good as.  Nursing, midwife, teacher, working with problematic kids.  I don’t know.  I really have no clue because I had been focussed on one thing for soooooo long. 

Think I am still firmly lodged in the grieving process for this one at the moment.  I know that after a little rest some inspiration will come to me. 



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