It’s only me.

I am writing this blog earlier than usual.  I have been getting around to these at the end of every day but today I may actually write two. 

I had to go to the Depths of hell early because I had to make an emergency dash to get easter eggs.  I hate this holiday so leave it till the very last minute.  My daughters and their babies are coming for dinner tomorrow so I also had to buy loads of food too.  I will enjoy the company but the thought of all that chocolate will make me feel sick.  I don’t know what has gotten into me but I don’t really want to eat chocolate anymore.  The fascination, obsession and cravings have moved on to some other hormonal woman.

I had a couple of funny conversations today. People have been telling me that I am brave because I say what I think.  An old work colleague used to tell me that I was born without the filter between my brain and my mouth because I used to regularly shock him with comments.  I always used to reply saying my filter is fine he should have read the comments as they formed in my head.  I have just gotten to a place in my life that I can’t be doing with pussyfooting around things.  If I want to know something I will ask it.  If I have an opinion to voice I will do it. 

Just as with my blog I will write what I want to write.  The thought of deleting some comments here makes me feel like I would be deleting part of my soul.  All I can do is live my life being true to me.  I have become addicted to putting my thoughts down on this blog.  I sleep better at night because I purge everything at the end of the day. 

This philosophy for life also transcends into my clothes.  I wear odd socks every day because it feels right to not conform to convention – these are sometimes complemented by bright laces too.  My tattoos are anything but feminine and can make me look a little scary to people.  If they bothered to ask me though they would find out that there is a genuine connection between my life and the pictures on my skin.  The art work on my back and arm is a reflection of me and I absolutely love them.  I have plans for much more artwork.

Life is far too short to worry about what people think.  I do try to respect everyone and take other people’s feelings into consideration but at the end of the day I can only live life as good as I can.  I also try to bring my kids up to respect other people.  I think almost everyone has something interesting about them unless you are a politician.  They are the most despicable vile, corrupt and self-obsessed kind of people. So today I will live and let live. 




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