Big Plans

Day one – research went well today.  I have four hours of recorded conversation that had my sides splitting with laughter.  Visit to the aunties was fabulous and my cousins Eileen, Michael and John were also on great form.  I have had one of the best days ever with family.  Hopefully I will have many more days like that with the aunties in preparation for completing the family history project.  All the colourful characters I have spent my day with are great creative inspiration for all of my writing projects too.

Plans for book number one are well under way.  Chapters are sort of in order and I think I now know which direction I am heading in.  I have some more planning to do but am happy with what i have to do to get it done.  I seem to be gathering quite a bit of support for my book so that is encouraging.  What I need to do now is foster a much more regimented writing habit.  I should have a designated writing space, a proper schedule of writiing and some peace and quiet to get the creative juices flowing.  

I also had a great conversation with my niece surrounding the role, stereotypes and hardships that a single parent has to go through.  She is my wee confidante and we are chatting much more.  It is like a two person support system – sharing stories and offering a shoulder when needed for a good moan or a cry.  Its a lonely business being a single parent but having someone to share stresses and worries with makes life a little more bearable. 

Its almost easter sunday and my kids are all coming through to spend the day and have dinner.  I need to go to work tomorrow and manage to get all the eggs and everything for dinner at some point.  I am expecting saturday to be frantic because of this.  I hope that the ex turns up on time to look after the kids.  Please let him be reliable for once.

We will be taking boiled eggs down to the park and rolling them down the hill.  This is becoming a bit of a family ritual.  the smaller kids enjoy running down the hill after their eggs.  Me, I am looking forward to the long lie on sunday morning and monday morning. Starting to treasure a bit of shut eye when I can get it.  Starting to feel absolutely exhausted today.  Its been good but very tiring and I have to get up in a couple of hours and start preparations for sunday.



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