Today has been …

Today has been unremarkable and uneventful to some extent.  I got up late, went to the depths of hell then came home.  Nothing too taxing or mind-blowing or difficult.  What was remarkable however were the people who shared part of my day with me.

My kids managed to make it through the morning without fighting.  They actually were having a conversation at one point.  Days like that never stop to amaze me.  My brother and his girlfriend and her son are up for a visit and it is always fantastic to see them.  They have been taking my boy out with them and I hope it helps to make up for the fact that he has to help out at home most days.  That is part of being a single parent though – needing the kids to help a little is part of keeping them on the straight and narrow, making sure they have the skills to look after themselves when they are older.

I also had a visit from my two lovely younger sisters and their babies.  It was so good to see them and get a hug because I don’t see them nearly enough.  I managed to get a total of four hugs and it was great.  They both looked happy and content with their kids and it is lovely to see.  I am proud of them and would really like to spend more time with them.  I also had a lengthy conversation with my friend. We are both desperate to have a good girls night out that involves music, food and dancing.  I don’t get out very much and when I do I like to pack as much as I can into those hours.

This same friend was giving me some advice on an image update – discussing colours and body shapes and what is more flattering for our shapes and colouring etc.  I am not a big girly girl, my clothes are quite basic and functional usually but i am in the mood for a little exploration in this department.  The one thing that came out of this conversation is that I would like to try wearing skirts for a change.  This is a bit of a revelation to me though as I have never really spent any time thinking about clothes.  I do feel it is time that I embraced my feminine side.

Maybe tomorrow is the day for doing that.  It is my daughters nineteenth birthday so it is going to be a good day for us.  She is having a little party at her house so it will be another reason to spend quality time with my family.  I am trying to harness a little more positivity these days and so far things are working out well.




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