Open Season

There used to be a time in the not too distant past when I used to really enjoy working.  Days were varied and fun and every now and again I used to get a challenging customer that kept the old grey matter working.  Now though things have went sour.  I have spent a few years now trying to get somewhere – chasing the elusive dream of a career.  I have worked for some women who at first I thought were really lovely and supportive but then the recession hit and the speed with which these women turned against me was phenomenal.

I took a step on the first rung of the career ladder – I did everything I could to get experience, I volunteered for jobs, I took on roles that were way above my work level just in order to gain some knowledge that would help me get a step up.  I knew that only hard work and determination were going to help me to take that step.  I regularly did jobs that were actually the responsibility of my superiors but because I wanted to progress I relished the challenge.  I live for a challenge and really love to push boundaries of what I expect from myself.

I have spent the last twenty years working, looking after my five kids on my own, studying really hard and generally filling my life with challenges on every level.  When things got too easy I would add another course just to keep up the pressure.  Now that I have spent over ten years chasing this career it has become apparent to me that there is a witchhunt.  I may not have the big high powered job or the flashy wages or the big house but what I do have is five healthy beautiful caring kids, two gorgeous grandchildren who I love, loads of skills and knowledge that will help me turn my hand to anything.  I have integrity and speak my mind especially if I see ordinary working people being lied to and manipulated by bosses.  As a result of my opinions and forthright way of speaking my mind I have got a few backs up. It is clear to me that I am being pushed slowly and surely out of my job.  What they don’t realise is that I will leave on my own terms and when I am ready.

These women who have nothing in their lives feel threatened by me.  My very presence in their opinion reminds them of how one-dimensional they are.  You might not like what I say ladies, you may resent that I am more capable than you, you may just be scared because I have the determination to not just take your word for it.  You may be all these things and more – or less.   Or as in one case you may just have been holding a grudge for the last 16 years (really is that what all this is about?).  I don’t really care anymore what has caused this rift I just want you all to know one thing.

My life does not begin and end with my work.  I have my priorities in the right order.  I have interests outside work, I have a life filled with people who love me for who I am and don’t sit chatting about me behind my back.  I have huge dreams and plans for the future.  How many of you can say that in your little pigeon holes?  How many of you can say that you have lived your life with conviction and integrity?  It may be open season on me at the moment but just you all watch this space.  You can’t keep the fire inside me down.



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