A love affair with my bed.

I love my bed.  Right now it seems like the best place to be.  Why I am still sitting up typing when I could be relaxing, who knows?  I am now at a crucial stage in my life on the verge of major changes.  I am now in a state of metamorphosis because a career I worked towards is not making sense to me anymore, my kids are all at school now so I have a little spare time that I am still not making the best of and for the first time in my life I have a proper room of my own.

I was brought up sharing a room with my sisters.  I went from sharing with them to sharing with my kids either climbing into bed for a cuddle or taking over the bed completely.  The times when I was in a relationship the bed was never my own.  I spent a good couple of years hardly getting to my bed at all because I kept falling asleep on the couch or worse on the bus.  Sleep was never a joy – it just happened out of necessity or exhaustion.  Now though things have changed.

My bedroom is a work in progress but having a space where I can shut the door and breathe, listen to music, read a book in peace is a life saver.  For years my kids used to follow me everywhere.  If I went to the loo they came too or stood outside the door bombarding me with questions.  Now that my youngest is five I don’t seem to have that problem any more.

I don’t have kids pulling my stuff out of drawers or opening my face creams etc and destroying everything they find.  What I do have is a bed to myself – nothing better than spreading out in whatever direction I want.  I can shut the door and know that they will knock before barging in.  I am just learning to love the space, the peace and the quiet.  I now have a sensory overload when I walk in the door – the mood, the space, two bookcases full of books, some cds, the tv and dvd player where I can watch movies without someone telling me the way it ends.   I have writing pads everywhere – some for notes for stories, a couple of journals, poetry and just for inspiration.  I absolutely love having a space dedicated to me.

I must admit though I still love getting woken up by my baby when he needs a pee in the middle of the night.  I love when my baby girl comes in for a chat or a hug.  I love the odd time we all sit in there and watch a film or chat or listen to music.  I love sitting listening to the morning routine when they all rush about getting ready for school in the morning.  The choking waft of deodorant and after-shave that flows in every morning when my thirteen year old son puts the finishing touches before he runs for his bus.  Occasionally when my older daughters come for a visit they will give me fashion advice (sadly needed but rarely heeded) and do my hair.

These things I will cherish and carry with me forever but for now the new relationship that is forming between me and my bed is new and inspiring.  I never knew that having my own space could be so liberating.  The ideas come quick and easy now, the stress is fading a little – all due to the fact that I have a space that is mine and a little time to enjoy it.

I’m going to bed now for a little recuperation, relaxation and rest.

Night y’all





One thought on “A love affair with my bed.

  1. I love my bed too. In fact, whilst most people in the world carry around photos of their loved ones on their mobile phones – I carry a picture of my bed. Big, strong and dark solid oak, sturdy and reliable – unlike most men!

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