Big Rage

I am having a bad day.  My kids are playing up, I feel a little down in the dumps and several things are going wrong all at once.  I have some behavioral problems with my kids, an incident at school to deal with and all this on the day that my mood plummeted.  Most days I feel great and I can cope with everything then one day comes along that knocks you off your feet.  Well for me, today is that day. 

I don’t have anyone to discuss all my thoughts and feelings with so my blog is the channel to vent my anger.  As a single parent I don’t really get any time to myself and right now I would really love to be able to run up the nearest hill and scream till my lungs explode.  I don’t want to scare my weans but today is the day that I need to let off steam.  I fear that I will be walking around in an angry bubble for a couple of weeks if I dont get rid of this lot.


There I feel better now.






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