Dream Dream Dream

I had a bizarre dream last night.  I don’t usually remember my dreams but this one was so vivid.

I was out in Denny town centre outside what used to be the Registry Office but is now a hairdressers and a tattoo parlour.  It was a clear night but the colours were very vivid with a kind of sunset tint to the buildings with shadows falling over everything but reds and greens stood out.  I was chatting to two people who I don’t know but I had the feeling that one was a good friend and the other one was her friend but unknown to me.

We were chatting about inconsequential things but paying attention to a huge black cloud in the distance that was moving in a calmingly fluid movement.  The few people who were out all stood and looked to this cloud in awe.  As it got closer it was obvious it was a swarm of birds flying in some sort of formation.  It moved in waves going from one area to the next but in a non threatening way.

The cloud got closer and flew so low that the sky was thick with these vibrant green birds that I have never seen before.  Like normal birds you would see in Scotland but a really bright green.  I could not understand how they could fly because they were packed so close together.  Thousands and thousands of green birds.  What made it even more surreal was that most of the birds were carrying a huge white flower in their beaks like a lily of some kind.

They were so close that I could have reached up and plucked one out of the air.

This was just so strange and ethereal that I had an alarming thought that something was wrong.  I began to run as if my life depended on it. My friend and her friend ran with me.  We ran all the way home to an apartment building filled with corridor after corridor – a white mesmerizing building filled with doors.  I seemed to know where I was going and eventually found the room with my kids in it.

Here it ended but I woke up feeling both worried and calm at the same time.  I don’t know the significance of the dream but it seemed so real and vibrant that I had to mention it here.  As I suffer from insomnia sometimes it has been a long time since I slept long enough for dreaming to occur.  The last two dreams I had were horrific and resulted in my worst nightmare coming to pass.  This one was so completely different that I had to write it down.

The movement of the birds was mesmerizing the colour was like that used in films such as The House of Flying Daggers.  If I could paint then I would be trying to get this vision onto paper.

If anyone has any idea about what it means then I would love to find out.





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