Laying down next to you
I feel abandoned and lost.
You crave the touch of another,
the youthful exuberance
that years have taken from me.
I cling to your shape and form
but know you will never be mine.
You use me for comfort
abuse my feelings daily.
I can’t extract myself
from the intimacy we share.
You take all I can give
but dream of a woman
with a Hollywood smile.

Some days I feel ready
to put a stop to this lunacy of mine.
I dread being alone but know
you will ultimately leave.
You talk a good game, saying
there is someone out there just for me
I am important, caring
and lovely…
Just not enough for you.
I try to convince myself
that I can handle this pain
but know I will be emotionally crippled
when you leave me again.

W (2011)


2 thoughts on “Gone

  1. This poem moved me to tears… It stirred emotions within me which I had thought of as repressed and forgotten. Reading this I felt your pain as tho it were my own from all those years ago! It is a comfort to know that we are not alone. Thank you…. Please post more of your wonderful words!! A xxxxx

  2. I just realised this comment was here. I am just off the phone to you five seconds ago. I knew you would get this poem. I don’t feel very confident in my poetry but this one I liked. I am glad it made some sort of impact for you lovely lady.

    Love you.

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