I have had a tricky day today.  My two youngest children would not refrain from fighting.  School holidays just make them go mad.  I had a bizarre meeting with someone who will remain anonymous but their self-obsession is quite off-putting.

This person is supposed to be my friend but every conversation is centred around them.  Not once will they ask how I am doing.  They are delusional on an epic scale.  They quote the words of literary giants and pass them off as their own unscripted ramblings.  They give out advice when it is unwanted and unnecessary.

Their ability to create, manipulate and fabricate drama is awe-inspiring.  If I wasn’t such a nice person I would have dumped their attention-seeking narcissistic bahookie long ago.  When I meet them I want to shake some common sense and manners into their psyche.

Their self-absorption is bearable only because they provide much-needed character inspiration.  I have a catalogue of poems written, half created, in much need of revision due to this person.  The lies they weave never tie up.  They forget what they have told me from one day to the next.  They talk a good game but self-interest is the only thing that drives them.

I am glad I have expunged some of this persons un-genuine, false, mental, delusional baggage here.  The burden of carrying around so many falsehoods and inaccuracies with me has finally been lessened.  I have better things to do with my life than spend another second with someone so selfish, paranoid and bitter.

Essay day tomorrow and four interviews coming up.  The negativity this person spreads around is well and truly gone so hopefully I can rest a little easier now.  I work too hard to let this person rob me of my drive, energy, enthusiasm and ambition.  I will sleep better for it.

Sleep well readers.



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