Shout Out

Tonight I have decided to pay homage to an inspirational woman I know.  I told her she would get a mention but I decided to devote a whole post to her.

My little sister is beautiful both inside and out.  She reminds me of a time when I felt young.  She listens to me when I am down.  She never judges me.

She has just became a mother for the first time and is doing a fabulous job.  I wish we lived closer because I miss seeing her smile and watching the love and enthusiasm she entertains my kids with.

She is multi-talented, loving, stylish and knows how to live life with gusto.  This sister has a lovely family.  I miss not having her close by because I love getting competitive with her husband (I can’t remember who is in the lead with singstar and buzz) and I am desperate for a wee hold of her gorgeous baby girl but mostly because I would love to have a chat and a hug from my sister.

She lights up a room when she is in it.  She smiles like all her dreams have come true at once and its an honour to be her big sister.

She is awarded my first Sister Award.  Ten gold stars.

Love you E xxx



2 thoughts on “Shout Out

  1. I am shedding a tear what beautiful words! 🙂

    If I didn’t hv a leaky breast at the moment and a little one to put back in her cot I could very easily devote a few paragraphs to you… These words will have to wait but are definately in the post… Love you lady x

    • Ems

      I told you I would give you a mention. Hope you and your bambino are fantastically well.
      You are my go to lady for support.

      I enjoy your comments and am glad you share your leakage with me. I feel honoured beyond belief.



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