Long Lie Lost

I am on holiday from work but any thoughts of real rest have disappeared down the drain.  Day two and my two youngest are running about already.  I have oodles of work to do but had hoped for at least a couple of days of rest but alas it is not to be.

My motivation is sadly lacking today.  Maybe if I was not violently dragged from sleep by a bunch of over-excited children but allowed to awaken gently with inspiration on my mind and a pen in my hand then I would have a more productive start to the day.

My brain is now awake but my body is firmly rooted in denial.  What will it take to make that final leap from lethargy to life?  If I embrace the day I will just end up finding alternative things to do other than the pressing essay I have that is due next week.  A pile of reading stands in my way.  Am I ready for that challenge?  Maybe just another forty winks and I will be fighting fit mentally to write the best essay of my life.

I don’t think so.

Babies number four and five cannot get along for even ten minutes.  I will have a day of refereeing their disputes as they continually bicker.  I can see me having to wait vampire-like for darkness so I can peacefully attempt some serious work.  I had so hoped this course would be a joy to me, filling my days with endless research and reading.  This is my last chance to bring my mark up a little.  I must find the time, must drag some semblance of motivation together and get it done.

I also have four interviews coming up soon so I need to get some preparation done for those.  Yes it is for the same job that I am doing now but in different locations.  There is still no progression available in my current employers plans.  There is still just them and us.  They thrive when damping down the spirit of others because it gives them a sense of self-importance in a society that is withdrawing itself from the services they offer.

Not only is access being denied to the loyal customer but also for those people who would inject the service with a bit of oomph.  It is never going to work if people just barricade themselves in their comfort zone.  Change is a coming and survival of the fittest is the only way to save our service.

But yet again I digress.  It is essay day and I now have to show the smeddum I am made of and rise to the challenge before me.  I may need all the skills I have to carve out a career after this.

Back to work.



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