Late Night Silence

It’s the middle of the night and I am in that limbo period when I realise there is nothing on tv and that I should go to my bed.  For someone in a couple this might be the time when you have your last chat of the day before snuggling up with your significant other.

I don’t have that incentive to go to my bed so I usually wander about the house aimlessly looking for something interesting to do.

Tonight I have decided to blog about the dilemma for the single mother.  Go to bed and re-charge those batteries that let me cope with the trials of raising kids on your own, working 30 hours a week, studying for a degree and trying to get some writing done OR should I embrace this quiet time – read a book, write some fascination novel and pretend I live a glamour filled life (have a bubble bath).

If I go to bed I usually end up lying awake in the dark mulling over my day or worrying about my kids.  If I stay up then I usually opt for the housework instead of trying to stimulate my creative side.

Tonight however I have attended the theatre.  Yes I hear you all gasp the theatre (well as much the theatre as Falkirk Town hall can get).  I have quenched my thirst for culture, fed my creative mind and had a very stimulating evening.

I saw a play about a road (Calum’s Road) that brought up images of family, roots and relationships.  The play was surprisingly entertaining.  The direction was innovative and the manouvreing of cast, props and timeline was a magnificent triumph.

It raised images of nostalgia, made me homesick and illustrated the determination of human spirit.  It made me see that even though my life is filled with routine, time constraints and mundane actions it is also brimming with strong family connections, aspirations of personal fulfillment and incentives to learn and improve my situation.

So the dilemma for tonight is easily dealt with.  I am going to finish writing my blog and go to my bed but I will be sitting with a notepad and jotting down ideas, maybe write a poem or two and get a head start on the writing-filled day that I have planned for tomorrow.

Many of my best ideas come to me as I am about to go to sleep.

Keep watching this space if you would like to see what becomes of those jottings.

Sleep well everyone.




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