As I have been a single mother for over twenty years I have been struggling to afford any luxuries and as a result of this my kids and I have never been on holiday together.  I have never been abroad ever and the likelihood that we ever will be able to go abroad is looking more and more slim.  This is not a plea for pity it is just me stating fact.

I have had to try and make up for this in little ways.  All of my children are really creative and artistic so I always have encouraged this.  We love to laugh, dance, sing and just let go whenever we can.  A fly on the wall in our house would be surprised at all the random bouts of singing or dancing that occur on a regular basis.

When my two oldest daughters were very small I used to have days where we listened to music all day.  These were called Motown Sundays but the music was a huge variety of genres.  This has grown now into a daily spectacle.  My soon-to-be five year old could be a contender for the air guitar championships.  My seven year old daughter has mastered the art of hairography.  The most fun I had lately was at my sisters wedding when my twelve year old son actually got up and danced with me.

We all have great discussions surrounding art, movies and music.  The imagination of my kids knows no boundries.  We don’t have a lot but what we do have is love, happiness and laughter in abundance.

A holiday for me is getting to spend the day with my kids and actually being present.  As none of my kids have their dads around the burden and responsibility of providing for them is left to me so I have to work.

It would be a luxury to be a stay at home mother but I worry that my kids would not see the benefits of working when they getolder.  Someone has to give them the skills to function in society and since none of their dads contribute either to them or in the workplace then it falls to me.

I wouldn’t have it any other way though.  I get to enjoy watching my children develop, nurture them, love them and encourage them every day.  I am poor financially but abundantly rich in love.

Have a good day.



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