I am a single parent, a qualified Librarian, a writer, a student, a tattoo junkie, a dance-aholic and I read everything possible.  I love to  have fun, laugh, dance, express myself through the medium of tattoo and try to enjoy life.

I write poetry, short stories, stories about my life and am now branching out into novels.  If I could steal the talents of anyone else it would be to have the brain of Stephen Fry, the dance ability of Chris Brown and the ability to sing like Bjork.

I love to read horror, poetry, graphic novels, biographies (of people who matter – anyone under the age of thirty do not count) and anything a bit different or weird.

I am currently studying for a degree in Literature, working in a job with no prospects and looking after my three youngest kids.  I love looking after my grandkids when I can and am really proud of myself for rearing five intelligent, artistic and creative kids all on my own.

I love to walk with my dog and sing at the top of my voice.  I want to dance down the road at every available opportunity.


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