Late Night Unloading

I spend most Friday nights on my own so tonight has been a welcome change.  I have had a lovely visit from my sister and her daughter.  My twenty one year old daughter also came for a visit with my beautiful granddaughter.

I have not laughed so much for ages.

There is something heart-warming about spending some therapeutic time laughing with other women.  At work the female bosses harbour the opinion that they are better than everyone else and this creates an atmosphere that is difficult to work in.

Work under these conditions is physically and emotionally draining.  I get to work refreshed and eager to do a good job but leave with the weight of the world on my shoulders.

A work-life balance was restored however with this unexpected visit.  I feel like I have laughed away the stress of my day.  Women supporting and nurturing other women is a magnificent spectacle to be involved in.  If only work could be like this.

With society going downhill as it is under a Conservative government it is getting harder and harder to glean even a little amount of satisfaction at work when all I worry about is if I can afford to feed my kids and heat my house.

Being able to laugh with friends, family and loved ones helps to alleviate the stress.

My post tonight is enshrined in a warm and loving feeling because my sister restores my faith in people.  She supports me and helps in emergencies with my kids.  She is the person I turn to in time of need, she helps keep me sane and I just love her to bits.

Love ya sister. x




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