Tattoo or no tattoo; that is the question.

I have tattoos, I really love them.  I only have three but they are quite large.  One covers the whole of the top half of my right arm and the other two probably cover about a third of my back.

These tattoos are how I express myself.  I enjoy getting tattooed.  I am attracted to guys with tattoos.  My ideal man would have quite a few.  I am not really interested in going out with someone who did not at least like tattoos.  Just now I am collecting images for my next tattoo which is going to be a sleeve covering almost all of my right arm.

With these tattoos I am not trying to intimidate anyone or to make myself scary in any way.  My tattoos are a reflection of my personality.  I love reading graphic novels and the excellent artwork is the inspiration I use for the designs.

What I don’t get is the people who look down on those with tattoos.  I  don’t look down on people because they have a blue rinse, or have a passion for high heels or like having the newest iphone.  I don’t care.  I try very hard not to judge people.  All I ask for is some civility.  Just because I have tattoos it does not mean that I want to rob you or kick you until you are dead.

Everyone likes to look at pretty pictures or appreciate art.  I just choose to show my fascination and appreciation by getting that art etched on my body.

There is the old question ‘yes but what will you look like when you are an old woman and you are covered in old tattoos?’  I love everything about my tattoos.   I can’t imagine ever being embarrassed about them.

Let’s just embrace the variety in life.



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